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Ann Closs-Farley has been designing for Opera, Theater, Film and T.V. for over 25 years. The diversity of her work and interest is where her talent lies. She loves all aspects of Costume Design: history, fashion, textiles, technology, mechanics, human reflection, spirit, and most of all, story. She is interested in discovering and learning new ways to re-invent and create transformative ways to make costumes speak to the imagination. In addition to being a wildly creative and hugely talented designer and artist, Ann Closs-Farley passionately espouses ideas of using recyclable and thrift store materials in her work. She has a keen interest in current technologies and finds ways to incorporate them into all her creations.

Recent Work

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Community Work

Ann Closs-Farley and her daughter Ruby honor the spirits of Cinema Queens with Ann's extravagant style and photography, and Ruby’s passion for all things glamourous.


Design, Jewelry, Draping, Dying, Digital Fabric design and Painting, Sewing, Alterations, Expert Shopper (extensive knowledge of L.A. and garment district), skilled in foam costume construction, SPX Makeup application, Wig Styling, Millinery / Headdress, and Prop and Set Design. I am a creative thinker, quick on my feet, and a joyful problem solver under pressure.


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Current Resume


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Matt Almos (Creative Director) - Walt Disney Creative Entertainment
818-736-1128 /

Bart De Lorenzo (Director) - Evidence Room

310-822-2602 /

Jessica Hannah (Managing Director / Producer) - Bootleg Theater

213-389-3856 /

Julien Nitzberg (Director/ Writer)

213-324-6515 /

Stefan Novinski (Director)

213-841-4630 /

Chris Fields (Artistic Director)

818-512-5945 /

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