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I am a self-taught illustrator.  I love my flair but my greatest gifts are my abilities in research, vision, and construction of my Designs. I pride myself on the fact that my designs always look like the intended illustrations.  I often collaborate with illustrators to enhance and polish my concepts.  I have learned over the years that clients often relate better to a  specific style they can relate to. I enjoy working with different artists to convey the best tone that is needed for the story I am about to explore. Here are a few styles that "illustrate" this.

Twelfth Night, Guthrie Theater 2020,
Designed by Ann Closs-Farley
Pelléas et Mélisande,  Cleveland Orchestra,
Designed by Ann Closs-Farley
Zoot Suit, Mark Taper, Los Angeles,
Designed by Ann Closs-Farley
Shanghai Disney, Disneyland Bailing Storytelling,
Designed by Ann Closs-Farley